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Vacuum sand sucker/vacuum cleaner

Conventional abrasive recovery systems laborious and time-consuming, and vacuum sand is one of the most efficient and most cost-effective method of cleaning. Suction sand is mainly used for cabin interior segment recovery.
The main features of the device:small structure, easy operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency and other characteristics. Can finish sucking sand task quality and comprehensive .

Technical parameters

Motor power(kw) 75 90 132
Maximum vacuum level(Mpa) -0.06  
Maximum air volume(m3/min) 41 50 70
Suction capacity(T/hr) 5-8 12
Dust filtration area(m2) 56 80
Dust filter material Efficient polyester fiber, 5μm dust filtering efficiency up to 99% . Emissions of dust concentration≤ 70mg/m3
Noise(dB) 90
Dimensions(Length×Width×Heigh&tmm) 2800×2200×2520 3200×2300×2700
Weight(T) 3.2 3.5 5.6


Minitype mobile environmental  electric sand sucker Minitype mobile pneumatic sand sucker
Minitype mobile sand sucker Minitype mobile environmental pneumatic sand sucker
Minitype mobile environmental  electric sand sucker Minitype mobile pneumatic sand sucker
Large sand sucker Minitype mobile sand sucker

Environmental mobile electric sand sucker

The electric sand sucker works by using negative air pressure, flow rate and flow of various dielectric absorption agglomeration;Used mainly for small vortex pump suction power, high vacuum, is about 15 times to the centrifugal fan, strong suction,filter useing new forms of filters,sand and dust enter the separator through a straw tube,while other tiny dust with the air throw filter to be further filtered, dust removal effect 5um up 98%, sand suction gas directly into the atmosphere,it is environmental series,when the filter surface dust increased,you can start the oscillator to clear,when the aggregate box increased,stop the machine and discharge from the discharge valve,then continue to work.

Minitype mobile pneumatic sand sucker

The pneumatic sand sucker's principle is to use compressed air as power, through a unique vacuum generators create negative pressure absorbing sand, dust and other contaminants , it can be used for vacuuming, cleaning dust, sucking sand, and easy to carry, easy to use, and has been widely used by shipyard, it's a useful tool to clean up the cabin.

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