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Overview of Liangshi corporate culture

????????As the core of Liangshi culture, Liangshi spirit is formed after continuous tempered through practices in a long period of management activities, which is generally recognized and conscientiously kept by all employees since the founding of the company. It is the total of common value concept, thinking mode and behavior standard that have Liangshi feature. Liangshi culture is the soul of Liangshi competitive advantage and the source of its everlasting prosperity.

The cultural meaning of Liangshi company

Liangshi vision: to become the world's first-class company of intelligent surface treatment equipment.
Liangshi mission: gather customer concerned challenges and pressure, provide competitive solution and service of surface treatment system, create value continuously for the customers.
Liangshi values: Honesty, service, innovation, team, persistence.
Talent concept: moral character first, only recommend talent.
Liangshi slogan: Accumulate richly and break forth vastly; innovate continuously.
Liangshi strategy: customer-centered.
Liangshi product guideline: safety, high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent.

Embodiment of enterprise logo

(1) In English, the meaning of OK is "good", representing good quality and timely service of Liangshi; O stands for open, K represents knowledge. The logo expresses the company's knowledge sharing through open communication and cooperation, leading the development of the industry with technological innovation, and meeting the needs of customers.
(2) In Chinese, K is the first Chinese letter of "customer", "science and technology" and "development", expressing the meaning of "taking customers as the center", "taking technology as strength" and "developing as the means", the whole means “broaden the sources of income and economize on expenditures, create the future with wisdom”.
(3) The symbol is red coloring, meaning that Liangshi business is booming and thriving.
(4) The shape of the ellipse in the symbol shows the shape of earth, which shows that the people of Lianshi have been developing with active attitude, leading the surface treatment and coating equipment industry with continuous efforts, based on China and go to the whole world.
[Note: "increase the source and reduce expenditure" comes from 《Xunzi rich country》: "wise master must take care of himself and reduce expenditure, open its source and take full consideration of it”.]

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