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Environmental protection type blasting while sucking blasting machine

Features of environmental protection type blasting machine series:
1、100% automatic recycling of abrasives, automatic sorting, automatic cycling, free of pollution;
2、 Surface treatment: cleanness index: Grade Sa2.5 and Sa3 (ISO8501-1), Surface treatment: roughness index:Ra0.5-150μm(ISO8503-1);
3、Blasting mode can be subdivided into pressure feed type and suction type.Both pneumatic and electric vacuum sand return types are available for option.
4、Simple operation, flexible movement and advanced, unique and reliable control mode


Ship welding clean recycling sandblasting machine

Ship welding clean recycling sandblasting machine was provided to shipyard by shanghai LiangShi ,there are electric and pneumatic sand back two models, which combines vacuum recovery unit, dust, sand blasting machine, sand tube and gun in one, from blasting, dust, pellets recovered, filtered and reused in a closed system completed, especially for field maintenance of the site, on ships, oil platforms, etc. seam welding sandblasting blast cleaning or removal of old coatings damaged.
Ship's weld cleaning sandblasting machine

Ship weld cleaning up environmentally friendly electric recycling sandblasting machine(blasting while sucking blasting machine)                      Environmental Recycling electric blasting machine blast cleaning video

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