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Single refrigeration dehumidifier


Shanghai LiangShi painting dehumidifier category
According to the principle of dehumidification —— Single refrigeration, single wheel, frozen runner associative
According to the structure of the way —— Overall-body and sub-body
According to the heating mode —— Electro-thermal and steam
According to cooling method —— Air-cooled and water-cooled




According to different functions principle

Single refrigeration dehumidifier1.Single refrigeration :
Cooling by a compressor, the air is cooled to the dew point temperature, water separation, and then the air is heated , reduce the relative humidity. The device is suitable for the South or the hot and humid conditions .


Single dehumidifier2.Single dehumidifier:
Hygroscopic wheels is made of silicone, separate moisture in the air,to achieve dehumidification purposes. The device is suitable for the north or low temperature and humidity climatic conditions.



Wheel freeze combined dehumidifier3.Wheel freeze combined dehumidifier:
It was designed for climate with four distinct seasons, cold winter , hot summer, plum rain season wet conditions, a single runner organic combinations or freezer dehumidifier, applicable to any environment.


According to the structure, installation division

Name Overall dehumidifier Sub-size dehumidifier
Air volume Air volume 3000~22000 m3/h Air volume 6000~60000 m3/h
Location of use Open space spray, shipyard spray Fixed spray room
Installation methods Mobile use, with cable and round hose ready to use Stationary use, indoor and outdoor unit connected to the brass, in charge of blowing
Outline structure Container structure, rain-proof anti-collision Spraying cold rolled steel plate, steel-framed structures
Advantages Mobile, easy to use, compact structure The amount of wind blowing, easy maintenance, reduce room noise

Electric heaters

It is a popular international high-quality long-life electric heating equipme.For the flow of liquid, gaseous media of heating, insulation, heating.When the heating medium under pressure by an electric heater heating chamber, adopted the fluid thermodynamic principles uniformly take tremendous heat that generated by the heating element at work, so that the heating medium temperature reaches the user process requirements.

Electric heater features:

1、Small size, big power.
2、Fast thermal response, high precision temperature control, high overall efficiency.
3、The heating temperature is high.
4、Medium outlet temperature uniformity, high precision temperature control.
5、Wide application range, strong adaptability.
6、Long life and high reliability.
7、Can be fully automated control, upon request by the heater circuit design, can easily achieve the outlet temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters of automatic control, and with the machine computer networking.
8、Significant energy saving effect, the heat energy generated by the heating medium is almost 100% pass


Gas (oil) heater

With natural gas or diesel fuel as a heat source, heat conduction heating gases; widely used in coating line , textile, leather, wood drying, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and modern farming, aquaculture, or central hot air heating system.

1.Low operating costs, compared with electric heaters, steam heaters preparing hot air, the cost savings of more than 30%;
2.Using superconducting heat transfer fin heat pipe, heating up fast, compared with tubular heaters, air and flue gas mixed strings there is no question;
3.Heat transfer efficiency up to 85%, the air temperature can be set within 60-80 ℃;
4.Combustion system adopt advanced automatic control technology ,automatic fault protection display, automatic display, over-temperature protection functions;
5.During the heat ,there's no pollution,can prepare clean hot air,environmental performance indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products;
6.Compact structure, small size, practical and beautiful,significant benefits, , is one of the best products for preparing hot air.

Main parts:

GRRF series of fuel (gas) heater is a new product developed by the company in recent years.It absorbs the foreign latest heat pipe technology, the heat transfer speed and efficiency greatly improved, full use of thermal, energy saving.While using the imported burner, oil or gas burning, not only saving energy but also reducing pollutant emissions. Using advanced control technology to enable safe use of the equipment to get a reliable guarantee.


Air conditioning units

According to the requirements and characteristics of different industries in research and development, production and manufacturing,applies to construction machinery, mechanical and electrical vehicles, aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical, power, weapons, electronics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, warehousing and other various industries, has been recognized by different industries.

1.Efforts to build energy-efficient air conditioning equipment,adopted Sweden Proflute desiccant wheel technology, with good moisture absorption, gluing rate is 1.5 times to the normal runner, it is easy to clean, and has excellent fire performance; Germany Bitzer compressor with high stability ,good performance, long life, cooling device optimized cooling system to ensure the safe and reliable operation.
2.Well-designed wheel, frozen, steam humidification, heating and other functional segments, a professional manufacture and assembly.To strictly check and control manufacturing processes,the overall thermal performance of the unit is good, waterproof seal, major equipment installation position are set hinged service doors.
3.Strict quality control of the air filtration and filtration device designed for easy disassembly and cleaning.
4.Electric components are all imported, ensure the stability and reliability of the unit.

Second :Unit parameters
Form of the structure can be divided into split and overall two types.
Split constant temperature unit includes an indoor unit and an outdoor unit two parts, the indoor unit deal with the air filtering, cooling, dehumidification, humidification, heating and other processing, if meet the requirements then enter the room , the outdoor unit refrigerant condensing process, transfer the absorbed heat to the outdoors;
Integral constant temperature and humidity machine is the indoor unit and outdoor unit together, reducing the volume of the unit, and easy mobility transport.

Rated air flow(m3/h) 6000 12000 18000 25000 30000 36000
Cooling capacity(kw) 116 142 284 326 380 440
Temperature range and accuracy 18-60℃±2℃
Humidity range and accuracy 5-70%±5

Constant temperature and humidity unit schematic

Constant temperature and humidity unit schematic             Constant temperature and humidity unit schematic

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