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Sandblasting room flexible lifting door

Flexible lifting door summary

  The design of flexible lifting door refers to the national standard of lifting equipment, steel structure, electrical appliance. The strength, internal force and stability will be calculated and checked to insure the design reliability of product, the selected raw material, brought-in component, accessories, mechanical parts and appliance components are all international and domestic famous brand and manufacturers. The sensor, inspection and acousto-optic alarm system lifting door configures acousto-optic alarm, acousto-optic alarm will work when lifting is operating, operator is not allowed to walk below when the door is lifting. Four guarding measures are taken to insure the safety. High strength PVC material is durable and nice-looking. The center control room views the door’s opening size; wind-resistant rate is 68-75 Kg/m2

Main technical specifications:        
1.Door part: The door consists of PVC material, bottom beam, middle level frame. The surface of door is made of two-layer (two sides of level frame) high strength PVC flame-resistant material. The door curtain has the function of abrasion-proof, spark-proof, such like impact of the steel sand, welding sparkles, etc. Level frame is set in the middle, beam is set at the bottom, the door curtain is clamped on the level frame by aluminum alloy strip, fixed by bolt.
2.Drive part: consist of motor, decelerator device, steel cable winding drum, steel wire and guiding wheel.
3.Rail part: consist of vertical rail and sealant strip.
4.Control part: consist of main control box, operating box, up and down height stopper.

Flexible lifting door of sandblasting room

Flexible lifting door of sandblasting and paint spraying/ zinc spraying room

Flexible lifting door of sandblasting room

Flexible lifting door of sandblasting and paint spraying/ zinc spraying room

Technical parameters table of flexible lifting door

flexible lifting door width 14m 20m 24m 27m 30m 33m 36m

Lifting Weight

2.8t 3.5t 5.2t 6.0t 6.3t 6.8t 7.5t

Net Height

10m 10m 12m 12m 12m 12m 12m

Net Width

12.9m 18.9m 22.9m 25.9m 28.9m 31.9m 34.9m

Designed Wind-resistance Strength


Lifting Speed


Pulley-rate Group


Diamenter of Wire Rope

Φ14mm Φ14mm Φ14mm Φ14mm Φ14mm Φ20mm Φ20mm

Safety Factor


Structural Stability


Electrical Power

4.6Kw 5.7Kw 11.4Kw 11.4Kw 11.4Kw 17.8Kw 17.8Kw

Lifting Mechanism

DH632 DH1040 DH1063 DH1063 DH2080 DH2080 DH2080


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