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Shanghai liangshi design and manufacture aluminium sheet roller conveyor automatic sandblasting machine for customer

Recently ,Shanghai Liangshi designed and manufactured a set of 2 meters aluminum sheet rolled conveying automatically sandblasting machine, currently the sets automatically sandblasting machine equipment run stable and inputs efficient production, this automatic blasting machine uses 16 suction blast gun down spray pan on speed and strength adjustable frequency, transmission mode using frequency roller conveyor, ensure uniform and aluminum-magnesium sheet sand roughness deformation is small.

Aluminum sheet roller conveyor automatic sandblasting machine

Aluminum sheet roller conveyor automatic sandblasting machine

Aluminum sheet roller automatic sandblasting machine system consists of the following components: roller conveyor, rubber-lined blast chamber body, the gun up and down reciprocating mechanism, cellular floor abrasive recovery system, cyclone and steel adjustable bracket, reservoir sand box, sand material distributor, suction feed spray gun assembly, cartridge filter and electrical control systems.
Shanghai liangshi has successfully designed and manufactured many sets of aluminum sheets for customers, titanium and titanium alloy sheet automatic sandblasting machine, molybdenum and molybdenum alloy plate mesh sheet automatic sandblasting machine, stainless steel / carbon steel sheet automatic sandblasting machine and stainless steel / carbon steel plate blasting production lines.

About Shanghai Liangshi
Established in 1993, Shanghai Liangshi is a professional manufacturing and automatic system integration enterprise, specialized in researching designing, manufacturing, project installation and project consulting.Leading products: automatic sandblasting machine, CNC powerful shot peening machines, automatic spray zinc machine, shot blasting machine, spraying equipment, shot blasting rooms, sandblasting, painting rooms, ship section sandblasting painting room, steel pretreatment line, blasting coating production lines.
Shanghai Liangshi as well-known surface treatment and coating equipment systems solutions provider leader for domestic and foreign high-tech and provide a good quality surface treatment and coating equipment for customers.Companies for ship repair, petrochemical, aerospace, motorcycle and automobile manufacturing, containers, engineering machinery, port machinery, marine engineering, electrical and electronics, energy, power and other fields to provide professional services.
Shanghai Liangshi Enterprise Subsidiaries :Shanghai Liangshi Blasting and Coating Equipment Co., ltd. , Shanghai Liangshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Liangshi Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Shanghai Liangshi Enterprise Lingang industrial zone, the new factory is located in Fengxian district of Shanghai siping Highway 1117th, covers an area of 84 acres, with a total investment of more than 100 million Yuan.For more information, please visit or

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