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Large and efficient electric / gas remote blasting machine

Meanings of special coating:
Cargo tank coating of product tanker is called special coating. The difference between special coating and ordinary coating lies in the high quality requirement of special coating,This is because the majority of finished oil contains strong electrolyte solution, which produces serious electrochemical corrosion on the inside surface of oil tank. In addition, many oil cabins are always alternate for oil storage and ballast. Ballast seawater and oil have effect on each other, thus serious corrosion inside the oil cabin also may be produced. In order to ensure the cargo tank of product tanker resists corrosion , it needs to carry out special coating.
The functions of special coating: 
Make the chemical structure of coating compact;
Resist the dissolution, permeation and corrosion of various loading objects--Make the coating possess excellent seawater resistance and resistance capacity of goods – seawater alternative loading.
The application of special coating:
It is widely used in ships, bridges, offshore oil drilling platforms, port facilities, container, oil and gas storage tanks and other anti-corrosion coating.


Shanghai LiangShi developed of sandblasting machine, shape beautiful, and operation convenient, and Institute sweep cleanup efficiency high, both can spray sand and can spray pills, the surface which was processed by this machine can reached except rust standard Sa2.5-Sa3 level, surface rough degrees can reached 25-100 Micron, thus increased metal surface of contact surface, improve coated film of adhesion, extended coated film of life, reduced maintenance maintenance costs, has is significantly of economic.

     Shanghai LiangShi sandblasting machine compares to similar international products, rust with high efficiency, abrasive and low energy consumption, and has a safe, reliable, and operation convinient. To give full play to the superiority of the device, are covered in this manual is covered working principle, applications and methods of operation, so as to increase productivity and get maximum benefit.
ACMR-6W-4A Large-sized 4-gun sand blasting machine ACME-4W-4A Double bin continuous operation power remote control blasting machine
ACMR-6W-4A Large-sized 4-gun sand blasting machine  ACME-4W-4A Double bin continuous operation power remote control blasting machine

ACMR-6W-4ALarge-sized 4-gun sand blasting machine
Technical parameters:
Barrel diameter:Φ1640mm
Number of guns:4
once contained the amount of steel shot:10T; once contained the amount of copper ores:3.5T
Meet sand quality standards :ISO8501-1(GB8923-88)cleanliness Sa2.5 level
                                 ISO8503-1(GBT13288-91)Roughness Ra25-125

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