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Powder spraying robot

Liangshi Intelligent (Liangshi TM) has rich experience in the coordination of powder spraying processes and robots. Based on the principle of saving powder and improving the level of powder spraying automation, Liangshi Intelligent team solves various problems to achieve the benefits of powder spraying for customers.


Powder spraying has been widely used as an important means of surface treatment. Powder spraying is different from traditional solvent based electrostatic spraying of coating powders. During the coating process, there is no emission of polluting gases or liquids. It is very environmentally friendly for the processing environment or the processing itself, and has become one of the indispensable means in the surface treatment industry.


The powder needs to be adsorbed onto the workpiece by carrying an electric charge, thereby forming an effective coating to protect and decorate the workpiece. Usually, a powder sprayer capable of generating high-voltage static electricity is used as a production tool for powder coating. This type of sprayer will generate a high-voltage electric field with high voltage and low current, in which the powder particles will move with negative charges, and then firmly adhere to the workpiece to be coated. This process is commonly referred to as powder electrostatic spraying.











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