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Powerful blasting machine CNC aircraft landing gear

Aviation industry has a high demand for its parts, parts and materials not only requires light, and requires them to withstand extreme loads in extremely harsh environments. Parts of the surface by means of protection against external damage and fatigue life, our surface treatment can improve the overall performance of the part.

NC peening applications:

Fatigue-compressive stress by means of implants can effectively control a considerable degree of fatigue crack initiation and propagation;

Micro-wear-can lead to fatigue and wear damage to the micro suitable peening surface of the contact part can be improved and the compressive stress generated at the surface, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of the micro-wear;

Stress corrosion cracking-reducing surface tensile stress or make it down to the critical point will be able to eliminate the generation of stress corrosion cracking.

CNC robotic shot peening aircraft landing gear systems
CNC robotic shot peening aircraft landing gear systems
Aircraft parts peening


The vast majority of parts used in the aviation industry, including aircraft skeleton, wings, engines, landing gear, drives, or transmission parts (gears), are used blasting / shot blasting technology to meet the performance indicators of the material.


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